Huge response to our Scavenger Hunt forced our email server to go down

Due to the overwhelming response to our scavenger hunt, our email server went down! We want to be sure that we got all responses so please reforward all responses to ensure you are included in the contest!

Sorry for the inconvenience and we have taken necessary precautions to keep our email server up and running.


Go to Inman’s Global Connect, on us. Game on!

At Propertyqube, we love to have fun and with the summer winding down, we thought we would spice things up a little. We’re purchasing and giving away a pass to Inman’s Global Connect Conference in NYC this January! Wondering how to win? Participate in our very own scavenger hunt!

Here are the details:

– Contest starts today and ends September 29th.

– The winner(s) gets a pass to Global Connect, a $549 value (just the conference).

– To win, participate in the scavenger hunt below by sending an email with all answers to, All participants who find and send all answers (in one email) will be entered into a pool which we’ll be choosing the winner from.

The best part, every time the number of participants grows by 300, we’ll add on another free pass. That’s right! So go spread the word. Who knows, you may find yourself in the Big Apple this January!

Scavenger Hunt rules:

  1. How many Propertyqube "for sale" listings in Boston, MA with the following criteria: 3 bedrooms between a price range of $400,000 and $2,000,000 (don’t worry about number of listings changing, we’re keeping track during the contest days).
  2. Name that blog and blog writer who published a recent article titled "My mandate is clear" on August 20th. How many Propertyqube fans does this blog have and what Propertyqube category are the blog entries posted in?
  3. Within Propertyqube Conversatons, what professionals answered Geoff Gray’s question on September 4th about a short sale (tell us the agent names)? For the professional who answered the question most recently, how many groups do they belong to?
  4. How many real estate agents are in the Meet and Greet Group? For the real estate agent who has initials "LS", what’s the square footage of the featured listing in their profile?

Send an email with your answers to on or before September 29th. If you’re the winner and can’t make it to NYC in January, we’ll give you a gift card worth the value of a conference pass.

New PropertyLife page up!

Just a quick note to let you know that we pushed a new PropertyLife page layout to production!

Go check it out here.

Introducing a NYC neighborhood blog, City Pulse! Welcome Mitchell Hall of NYC

Propertyqube will be the host of a new NYC Neighborhood Blog called City Pulse! We are happy and thrilled to bring some of the best NYC bloggers together to provide a content rich resource for any of you looking for neighborhood information.

City Pulse will be a place to learn about the many neighoborhoods that make up NYC, read reviews on new building developments, find out information on local events and much more! We are excited to announce our first regular contributor to City Pulse, Mitchell Hall!

Check out our introduction post here and if you think you maybe interested in reading City Pulse on a regular basis, we would encourage you to subscribe!

Curbed joins the Propertyqube content network!

Our content network is growing at fast speeds. Most major cities have some great coverage with respect to local real estate news and information being reported by bloggers. We’re excited about the recent addition in NYC, Curbed!

We’ve been following Curbed for quite some time and we are excited and honored to have them part of our content network.

Our network is quickly approaching 200 blogs and we are hearing from more and more people that they are starting to discover some great information about their PropertyLife right off of Propertyqube. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see some changes to the local PropertyLIfe pages that will impact how your blog content is displayed. You’ll like the changes coming!

Claim Your Listings!

Do you have listings that feed into Google Base? Well here’s your chance to claim them with only three simple steps!

Step One: Log in!

Step Two: Search for your listings here using the criteria box in the left hand side bar

Step Three: Click “Claim your listing”

That’s it! It really is that simple. So what happens after you claim your listings?

We add your profile pic, a small blurb about your expertise and a link to your profile for the world to see!

Check out a listing Debbie Garrigan claimed!

We also feed the listings you claim right into your profile!


Featured Blog

Phoenix Real Estate | Phoenix Homes for Sale | All Phoenix Real Estate

Written by: Jonathan Dalton

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Featured Agent

Mitchell Hall – New York, NY

A native New Yorker, I gained appreciation and knowledge of Manhattan’s different neighborhoods, buildings, architecture, culture and diversity at an early age. My knowledge of each neighborhood’s unique personality is what makes me adept at matching people with properties.

Learn more about Mitchell:

* Check out his profile
* See Mitchell in the local New York PropertyLife network

Do you know Mitchell? Log in and give him a recommendation for consumers to ohh and ahh over!


Connect and converse with active buyers and sellers!

Check out some recent conversations taking place on Propertyqube. More and more active buyers and sellers are joining Propertyqube every week. Now’s your chance to stand out from the crowd by giving advice!

Question: When buying a new home, what upgrades should I go for? What holds the most value?

Answered by Steve Belt and Mitchell Hall

First Answer: View, square footage, room count, outdoor space and a fireplace add value. High floor without a view doesn’t add value. Appliances can be replaced.

Many of the luxury new construction projects in Manhattan are selling a lifestyle. Unique designs and high end finishes is what distinguishes one building from another in their marketing. [read more]

Question: I made an offer on a house lower than what they were asking my agent said there was no counter offer but i know there was

Answered by Steve Belt and Gene Dexter

First Answer: I would call your agent and tell him/her what you found out. Perhaps the fax was lost, or didn’t make it through. Request your agent to call the listing agent and have the counter offer refaxed over so you can see it. Should be a simple thing if everyone is on the up and up. [read more]

Propertyqube Blog Review

In just a couple of months since launching our Blog Network, it has grown considerably providing over 160 blogs with over 6,4000 blog entries. All great content to the local PropertyLife networks for homeowners and renters to discover!

We become hooked on so many of the great new blogs from around the country who join our network and we wanted to highlight some of the ones we have found interesting.


Our main mission here on Freshome is to inspire you, to give you ideas and make your home a better place to live. You can find on Freshome all kind of stuff that will inspire you like : beautiful pieces of furniture, pictures that will inspire and provide you new and fresh ideas for your home, latest home architecture news, home gadgets, tips and tricks for improving your home, and many more.

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