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Happy New Year!!


We want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2009! 2008 has surely been one to remember and the Propertyqube team wants to thank all of you for your continued support. We’ve made some great friendships over the year and we look forward to meeting more of you out there in the real estate and start-up world in the years to come.

2008 was a good year for Propertyqube. We officially launched our product this past June after being in test mode for some months and we had a blast doing it. In only six short months, we’ve been able to grow our site from nothing into a nice little community. We’ve reached about 28k unique visitors a month with over a billion page views since launch! That is no easy task in the amount of time we’ve been live and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

In 2009, you’ll be hearing from us a lot. We are going to remain relentless in tweaking, refining and getting the word out there about Propertyqube. We have lots of plans and product refinements in the works and we can’t wait to release them to the broader public. We hope you will continue this journey with us!

– The Propertyqube Team


Curbed joins the Propertyqube content network!

Our content network is growing at fast speeds. Most major cities have some great coverage with respect to local real estate news and information being reported by bloggers. We’re excited about the recent addition in NYC, Curbed!

We’ve been following Curbed for quite some time and we are excited and honored to have them part of our content network.

Our network is quickly approaching 200 blogs and we are hearing from more and more people that they are starting to discover some great information about their PropertyLife right off of Propertyqube. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see some changes to the local PropertyLIfe pages that will impact how your blog content is displayed. You’ll like the changes coming!

Propertyqube Blog Review

In just a couple of months since launching our Blog Network, it has grown considerably providing over 160 blogs with over 6,4000 blog entries. All great content to the local PropertyLife networks for homeowners and renters to discover!

We become hooked on so many of the great new blogs from around the country who join our network and we wanted to highlight some of the ones we have found interesting.


Our main mission here on Freshome is to inspire you, to give you ideas and make your home a better place to live. You can find on Freshome all kind of stuff that will inspire you like : beautiful pieces of furniture, pictures that will inspire and provide you new and fresh ideas for your home, latest home architecture news, home gadgets, tips and tricks for improving your home, and many more.

Recent Entries:
2 in 1 Combination of Sofa and Storage Box
“Hang On Outlet” by Paulo Oh

Portland Oregon Real Estate Agent Blog
Portland Oregon Real Estate Resources

Recent Entries:
Craigslist Shakes Up Real Estate for Sale Section
Early Returns – July 2008 Portland Real Estate Results
Timeshares in the Pearl?

Real Central VA
Analyzing the Charlottesville and Central VA real estate market and more

Recent Entries:
Why Must the “Full Commission” Myth be Contantly Perpetuated?
What’s an Agent’s Reputation (Worth)?

PropertyLife Unveiled!

PropertyLife Makes Its Debut!

What’s PropertyLife you ask? PropertyLife is a way to experience the local community you live or work in. It’s a way to connect, share, discover and learn about all that’s happening around you, in the real estate world.

To join go to, log in and check out your local PropertyLife scene.

So how can PropertyLife benefit you?

Be part of our PropertyLife Blog Network:

Have a blog? Well don’t let all that hard work go to waste. Get it in front of a wider audience at the local level! When you feed your blog into Propertyqube, it will be distributed to four different places throughout our network. It will show up front and center on your local PropertyLife page, in a widget on every listing in your area, on our main blog page and on the user home page of every user in your local area.

We eliminate all the work on your part by automatically importing your entries as you post them, complete with links back to your blog. When a user clicks on the title of your blog entry, they are brought off of our network and onto your blog so they experience YOUR brand.  Not only that, but the SEO benefit for your blog is great!

Give Advice and Generate Leads

On every local PropertyLife page are the recent conversations going on in your area. When consumers visit these PropertyLife pages, they see the great advice you give to the community and get a better sense of who you are and what you’re able to do for them! So get out there and show off that knowledge!

What now?  Get Involved in your Local PropertyLife Scene!

Brand Your Listings!

We’ve also released the ability for you to your listings and tag them to your profile. Simply search for your listings using our newly refined criteria box, scroll down to the contact widget, click “Claim your listing,” accept the disclosure. That’s it! Your photo will automatically show up on the listing along with a link to your profile, your contact info and a small blurb about your expertise. Not only that, but if you have a blog, your blog will feed into the listing page to be discovered by passerby’s.

Photos, Photos, Photos!

Help consumers get a feel for the local community! When
you upload photos, we’ll distribute them to your Local PropertyLife
page and to the user home pages of everyone connected to you. Browsing through photos is one of the best ways for interested home buyers to relate to the local community when not there in person.

Check out some our most popular blogs already in the Propertyqube Blog Network (in no particular order):

Kay Thomas: Manhattan Beach Real Estate-Redondo Beach Townhomes

Joseph Ferrara: Sellsius real estate marketing blog

Shane Leady: Table Talk With Apella

Steve Belt: Phoenix Area Real Estate Blog

Freshome: Home Design| Decorating Home | Interior Design | Furniture Inspiration

Amy McAllister: Hood River & Gorge Blog

Kristal Kraft: Denver Real Estate

And the winner of our iPhone contest is…..

Drum roll please……Steve Belt!

Steve has been an incredible evangelist of our community. He has been instrumental in refining functionality by giving us his candid feedback on how the user experience could be made better. He is super active on Propertyqube and we see home buyers and sellers who seek advice benefit from the great guidance he gives time and time again (check out his profile for a complete view of his contributions). This is why he is part of the Propertyqube Elite Huddle!

Congratulations, Steve!

You can check out Steve’s profile and connect with him HERE.

Technical problems

Our site is experiencing technical problems related to page loading time. There is currently a problem with our hosting company and they are trying their hardest to get our site back to normal speeds!

We apologize for any inconvenience but bear with us!

Featured Conversation – Sellers Using A Buyers Agent to Save $’s

Consumer question coming from Yakima, WA:
Getting ready to sell our home. Hubby wants to use a buyers agent rather than the traditional seller.

We are not buying our next place locally. Hubby is convinced we can move our house faster by not using traditional means, and just using the one broker (the BUYERS agent!!)to save $ on commission fees etc. I got a bad feeling, and need advice on pros and cons of doing it his way, quickly!! HELP!!

Judi Bryan and Dennis Wheeler are to the rescue!

Judi Bryan’s Answer:
Your instincts are RIGHT ON!!! From what I’m gathering from your question, hubby doesn’t want to “list” your property with an agent (in which case you’d likely be paying a “full” commission which includes payment to BOTH the listing broker and the buyer’s broker)…but rather he’d like to wait until a buyer comes along who has their own agent, and let that agent “handle” the transaction…so you’d only be paying one “side” of the commission.

So…those are my assumptions. If they are correct, here are some thoughts to consider… [read on]

Dennis Wheeler’s Answer:
Hi Cindy, You are correct in your feelings. The buyers agent has a fiduciary responsibility to the buyer. As part of their duties they will be advising on negotiating strategies and trying to get the best price possible for the buyer. You will be up against someone with training and experience. Although the agent owes you honesty and courtesey, they are acting on behalf of the buyer….[read on]

Judi and Dennis – Thanks for helping Cindy out with great and timely answers!