Go to Inman’s Global Connect, on us. Game on!

At Propertyqube, we love to have fun and with the summer winding down, we thought we would spice things up a little. We’re purchasing and giving away a pass to Inman’s Global Connect Conference in NYC this January! Wondering how to win? Participate in our very own scavenger hunt!

Here are the details:

– Contest starts today and ends September 29th.

– The winner(s) gets a pass to Global Connect, a $549 value (just the conference).

– To win, participate in the scavenger hunt below by sending an email with all answers to davidbethoney@propertyqube.com, All participants who find and send all answers (in one email) will be entered into a pool which we’ll be choosing the winner from.

The best part, every time the number of participants grows by 300, we’ll add on another free pass. That’s right! So go spread the word. Who knows, you may find yourself in the Big Apple this January!

Scavenger Hunt rules:

  1. How many Propertyqube "for sale" listings in Boston, MA with the following criteria: 3 bedrooms between a price range of $400,000 and $2,000,000 (don’t worry about number of listings changing, we’re keeping track during the contest days).
  2. Name that blog and blog writer who published a recent article titled "My mandate is clear" on August 20th. How many Propertyqube fans does this blog have and what Propertyqube category are the blog entries posted in?
  3. Within Propertyqube Conversatons, what professionals answered Geoff Gray’s question on September 4th about a short sale (tell us the agent names)? For the professional who answered the question most recently, how many groups do they belong to?
  4. How many real estate agents are in the Meet and Greet Group? For the real estate agent who has initials "LS", what’s the square footage of the featured listing in their profile?

Send an email with your answers to Davidbethoney@propertyqube.com on or before September 29th. If you’re the winner and can’t make it to NYC in January, we’ll give you a gift card worth the value of a conference pass.


One response to “Go to Inman’s Global Connect, on us. Game on!

  1. Guess I didn’t win, huh Dave?

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